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Piano Evaluation


(Discover the value and condition of a piano)

Piano Evaluations may be required for various reasons; Insurance claims, piano purchases, or for clarity on the value of your much loved family heir loom. Nathan’s experience in piano retail and his extensive knowledge of older European and English pianos provides a foundation to give detailed assessment and accurate value estimates. Although we aim to provide some great information and advice over the phone, professional evaluations can only be clearly ascertained through hands-on inspections.

✓ Current Market Value  ✓ Condition Report  ✓ Certificate of Evaluation


Piano Evaluation






Are Antique Pianos valuable? NO. Pianos hold no Antique value… In most cases pianos over 100yrs old have little or no monetary value.
Can you gauge what a Piano’s worth from an online listing? Rarely. Even detailed photos or info on a piano can’t ensure it’s structural integrity, playability or tone.
Do I actually need an evaluation if I’m buying an “As-New” Piano? Yes. Regardless of what condition a piano’s in, it’s important to firstly verify, is this the right piano for the individuals needs, and secondly, is this the right price for what they’re getting?
Will a Condition Report help me sell my piano? Perhaps. The report provides a clear & independent assessment on the pianos current condition which for a potential buyer can be quite reassuring.
Do I need an Evaluation Certificate to Insure my Piano? In most cases No… However ensuring you evaluate your piano accurately will save headaches down the track with your Insurance company should you require a Claim.


Piano RestorationREPAIR:

Piano Repairs are generally for the purpose of fixing isolated issues or replacing individual parts that are either broken or no longer working effectively. Get Repairs.


Piano Restorations are more extensive than Repairs and usually involve work to larger sections of the piano replacing worn or deteriorated mechanical parts & felts. The purpose of Restoration is to provide a better playing experience and increase the pianos overall longevity.


A Piano Rebuild or “Full Restoration” essentially turns an Old Piano into a completely New Piano! At this level of restoration ALL mechanical parts are replaced, the piano gets new strings & pins, the body is polished to perfection and the frame is resprayed.

Restoration Questions to Consider

#1. Is the Piano Structurally Sound?

Ensuring the structural integrity of the piano is essential to a successful and worthwhile Restoration. The entire piano is built around several structures which are either very difficult to repair or impossible to effectively restore. Before considering Restoration We always inspect these areas of the piano which include the Frame, Soundboard, Pinblock, Bridges and Back Posts (Structural Beams).

#2. Does this piano have any Sentimental Value?

From a Piano Technicians point of view we need to consider the value this piano currently has in the eye of the beholder before evaluating the genuine worth of the piano to the general public. When there is a sentimental or emotional attachment to the instrument then the cost of any Restorations or Repairs may be viewed as insignificant.

#3. Cost of restorations Vs. Pianos Market Value?

The finical commitment involved in any Piano Restoration must be weighed up with other options such as selling the piano to invest in a piano upgrade or a piano already restored. Here’s a simple equation we use as a rule-of-thumb to help bring clarity. The estimated Market Value of the Piano after it’s Restored must be Equal or Greater than (The current Market Value + Cost of Restorations).

#4. Will a restored Piano be suitable for the individual playing it?

Finally it’s important to consider who will be playing the piano and what level of technicality will it need to support. Although a beautifully restored piano may look & sound great, not every piano is designed to be used at a professional level or for heavy usage.

Cost of Piano Restorations

Cost Of Piano Restorations:

Piano restorations can range from repairing minor mechanical issues through to complete rebuilds. Basic Repairs are often included in the price of a standard piano tuning but for more extensive work here’s a basic guide on price. Restoration Quotes are only provided after detailed inspections and comprehensive consultations are made with our Clients:

Minor Mechanical Repairs: $0 – $440     Minor Body Repairs: $350 – $600

Larger Mechanical Repairs: $850 – $2500

Major Restoration: $2,000 – $5500     Major Restoration with Polishing: $3500 – $7,000

Complete Rebuild inc. full Body Restoration: Uprights = $6,500+     Grands = $9,000+

(Please Note: For all Body Repairs & Polishing we outsource this work to specialists polishers)

Piano Regulation


(Improving touch and action sensitivity)

Regulation is a process of mechanical adjustments within the “action” of the piano that can improve the feel, sensitivity, response and “touch” of the keys. These fine adjustments made by a piano technician can be the difference between a piano that is frustrating to play and an instrument that becomes an extension of your body. Just as pianos require regular Tuning, Regulation should be done periodically to not only maintain the performance of the instrument but to also ensure the longevity of a quality piano for years to come.

 (from $330)


Piano Voicing


(Enhancing Tone and Adjusting Sound)

Voicing is a process used to enhance the tone, clarity and dynamics of the piano. Improving Sound quality and smoothing out volume & tonal unevenness can be the difference between an average sounding piano and one that sings! Although we include minor voicing with our standard Piano Tuning Service, we can also provide a full & extensive voicing session…

 (from $130)


Piano Advice


(Expert Piano Service Starts With Great Advice)

Providing Professional & Experienced Services to our Clients often begins with a conversation… Regardless of what you’re individual piano needs are, when you’re chatting with a Piano Technician you know you’re getting informed advice that considers all the variables.

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Piano Movers

Piano Transport is best left to the professionals! Around Melbourne, there’s only one Piano Mover we use and trust; Classic Piano Carriers. You can contact Simon on 0404187182 or visit

Piano Retailers

When in the market for a piano, we recommend visiting a Piano Retailer for hands-on experience & advice. Melbourne Piano Sales have a reputation in the industry for providing High Quality Professional Uprights & Grands.

Piano Teachers

Finding the right Piano Teacher is not only an extremely important decision but also a very personal choice. Check out for a Piano Teacher in your area.

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