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How Old Is My Piano?

  • Select Piano Type & Enter the Brand Name

    Note: This application is unable to generate results for every single Piano brand manufactured.

  • Locate the Pianos Serial Number

    These numbers can sometimes be difficult to find. Please see photos as a guide.

  • Press "Calculate"

    Date of Manufacture with a 5 Star Accuracy Rating.

Accuracy & Reliability Ratings

★★★★★  Highly Accurate & Reliable. 

Data confirmed by manufacturer and/or multiple dependable sources. A specific year is always provided.

★★★★☆  Accurate & Reliable. 

Data confirmed by manufacturer and/or multiple sources. These results come with one minor note of consideration.

★★★☆☆  A little less Accurate but still Reliable. 

Data may only return a broad date range and/or come with two considerations affecting reliability.

★★☆☆☆  Much less Accurate & Reliable. 

Data may only provide a broad date range and/or inconsistencies with data may hinder a reliable outcome.

★☆☆☆☆  Inaccurate & Unreliable. 

Data has not been confirmed or has several inconsistencies that produce unreliable results.
Piano Serial Number Calculator App

Piano Age App Coming Soon

  • Hundreds of Piano Brands

    Fully updated app will include over 700 Piano Brands.

  • Unlock New Detailed Information

    Results will not only provide a date of manurfacture but also detail Where the piano was Made, Links to related sites and further Brand Info.

  • Piano Valuation Advice

    Answers & Support on all things Pianos!

How Old Is My Piano?

What’s Its Value?

Knowing your Pianos Age can be a great step towards evaluating it’s market value, but also take into account the condition, playability and sound.

Worth Restoring?

Pianos have a finite life-span and the cost of restoring older pianos can often outweigh it’s resale value when completed.

Need Advice?

Whether your looking to Buy, Sell, Restore or Move your piano, contact a local Professional Piano Tuner for some more expert advice…

My Piano Brand isn’t showing up... How can I find out when it was made?

Due to the vast number of Pianos manufactured over the past 150 years, we’ve limited our selection to well-known Brands with clear data available from multiple sources. To find out how old your piano is, we suggest you contact your local Piano Tuner who would most likely own a Piano Atlas detailing Piano Dates and Serial Numbers from hundreds of Brands. Failing this, there are several online companies that offer a paid service to supply detailed Piano reports including manufacturers History and the Pianos age.

What if I can’t locate my Pianos Serial Number?

Often serial numbers are well hidden or difficult to read, and in some cases completely missing. Even if you find a serial number, many piano manufactures have little or no info available on when pianos were made. If you’d like to find out more about your piano, we recommend contacting your local Piano Tuner and schedule your next Piano Service. An experienced Piano Tuner can provide excellent insights on the pianos age based on various aspects; the type and style of mechanics used, the body shape and design, the condition of the instrument as well as inscriptions and markings found throughout the piano.

Does the age of my Piano affect it’s Value?

Yes, but there is no fixed formula that connects the age of your piano with a specific value. Several factors are considered when valuing the monetary worth of a second-hand piano including condition, quality, tone size, brand etc. A clear rule of thumb is simply that “older” does not equate to “more valuable”… Because unlike a piece of furniture, a piano is only valued on it’s instrument worth (how does it sound, respond and perform etc) and holds no “antique” value. For this reason it’s considered that generally speaking a newer piano would be in better condition and therefore play better and be worth more than it’s older equivalent.

How much is my Piano really worth?

A clear value can only be ascertained by weighing up several key aspects of your piano… These things require inspection by an experienced Piano Professional with a keen eye and great ear. The best Piano tuner to evaluate your piano is one that is both independent from the local “Piano Retail Market” but also in touch with piano pricing locally and online. Contact us for advice!

Disclaimer: Piano Tuning Melbourne will not be held responsible for inaccurate information provided through this Piano Age Calculator.